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She is the youngest of the Nobles children and has been in the spotlight more than the others. When she was young Zephyr was taken by an enemy of the Nobles and although rescued safely she cannot recall the event. She had no problems from being in the spotlight and loved to be adored by millions. She was even a member of the Pact for some timeOnce she was old enough Zephyr began to date and dump “IT Boys” by the tons and despite what she told the public she often kept the relationships non sexual. However she as been often independent and rebellious towards her family. She even slept with the Nobles enemy Draconis as a means to retailte against her parents for not letting her go to a public function she wanted to. She found herself pregnant after her trist and tried to keep it hidden from her family, but after suffering injuries during a battle with the robot Icarus her doctor revealed her condition

Many were upset by new, but mostly Zephyr’s friend Krennick who was Draconis’s son and wished to be with Zephyr romantically. They even allowed people to believe he was the father of the baby and not his own father. After she gave birth the baby died, but this was revealed o have been a lie by the doctor who had been paid by Draconis’s daughter Necrona and has been raising the boy as her own.

At some point in time Zephyr severed her ties with the family and went to live a normal life due to help from a friend Detective Ryan O’Mega. She used the name Gretchen Lewis a prostitue Krennick had paid to sleep with due to her likeness and died. She lived like a normal person and befriended Bobby a man living in the same apartment as her. Later she found out he was Slate Blackthorne who’s family was the evil opposite of her own. He wanted to escape from his own family and the twos relationship soon became intimate and five years later they are now married and the two have now become active members of the Nobles.